World News: Skyhook Wireless launches MyLoki


MyLoki is a location sharing service that feeds your Loki location to personal blogs, social networking sites (e.g. Facebook) and location directories (e.g. Fire Eagle).

Real-time location broadcasting creates opportunities to connect with friends in the area, to meet new people and to explore with those who travel in similar places.

Loki is now available for almost all Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices including laptops and cell phones.

Platforms now supported by Loki include Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X, and Symbian S60.

A user's location will be updated constantly. Users can easily share location updates to microblogs like Jaiku, or post location updates to any RSS feed that supports GeoRSS, like Google MyMaps and the MyLoki profile page.

The new MyLoki Facebook app provides a seamless way to keep networks of friends up to date on each other's current location.

Yahoo's new Fire Eagle service is already integrated with Loki to simplify location updates.

MyLoki provides image badges that automatically update with current location information, for use in e-mail signatures or blogs. All of these capabilities include full privacy controls to protect users.

The new version of Loki also introduces a web-based gallery of location channels that each user can manage on their personal FindMe page.

According to Skyhook Wireless co-founder & vice president of business development, hundreds of thousands of people have downloaded Loki already. He says that MyLoki will make it easier to create new experiences in the physical world and share them in the digital world.

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