World News: Security must pay for itself

World News:  Security must pay for itself

Security in the global supply chain will not be realised until it stops being a financial burden, reports Jim Wilson from the Telematics Update Container Tracking & Security conference in Dubai.

Discussions at the event in Dubai raised the subject of the non-security related benefits of security management systems, with a key issue being that the system should pay for itself in financial or operational terms.

“Logistics and security go hand in hand,” said Richard Meyers, CEO of System Planning Corp. “No-one wants to pay for security, but they will pay for efficiency.”

He added that people conducting trials are finding that security reveals data that can be used in different ways.

Evidence to back up this view was promptly provided in a speech by DP World’s director of security, David Fairnie.

“We have already seen a net gain on our bottom line in a number of areas by investing in security management systems,” said Fairnie. “At our pilot project terminal [in Djibouti] the ISO-required security management practices encourage more efficient use of resources, which resulted in cutting costs but noteffectiveness – which we actually improved by combining training, technology and better management of our security resources to great effect.”


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