World News: Secureseal now enables non-powered asset tracking worldwide

World News:  Secureseal now enables non-powered asset tracking worldwide

Secureseal has launched SecureTrac, which enables assets to be tracked during shipment and then identified on-site for years afterwards.

The combination of the latest RFID and satellite technologies has enabled Secureseal to created a wireless tracking device that needs no power source, and is suitable for any type of mobile asset.

SecureTrac automatically locates trailers, swap bodies, containers, rail wagons and other assets. With expected ROI of 10 to 1, SecureTrac allows operational costs to be slashed by eliminating manual asset location, optimising fleet utilisation and streamlining servicing.

To provide ubiquitous coverage around the globe, Secureseal has developed the system using Globalstar, the world’s most widely used satellite communication network. Incorporating Axonn AXTracker devices, SecureTrac is assured of consistent and global coverage through Globalstar’s low orbit satellite network. Assets are located using Google Earth with current positions shown on a satellite image, aerial photograph or map.

According to Secureseal managing director Ben Grant, the real challenge was to create a device that could be free of a power source.

“With our experience in non-powered trailer tracking we realised we had already had the answer, and SecureTrac is the result of successful integration of the two technologies,” said Grant.

With global coverage and freedom from maintenance or power, SecureTrac is also suitable for the management of remote fixed assets.

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