World News: Savi taps solar power for RFID-based asset tracking

World News:  Savi taps solar power for RFID-based asset tracking

Savi Technology has recently begun deploying solar-powered RFID readers and signposts, enabling customers in the defence and commercial sectors to conserve energy and reduce costs while tracking supplies in real-time.

Apart from providing an energy efficient and environmentally friendly power source for RFID hardware, solar power also eliminates the need to install electrical infrastructure in remote areas where there is no fixed reader infrastructure.

Savi engineers mounted solar panels and RFID signposts on poles located at a major US Army supply facility in Kuwait. The solar-powered signposts activate RFID tags attached to vehicles or pieces of equipment, which then report the assets’ positions to nearby RFID readers, which in turn relay the information to Savi Site Manager software that automatically updates the assets’ latest location.

These tools enable the facility to track more than 25,000 tags per day.

Plans are underway with the US Dept of Defence to expand the use of solar-powered applications to other areas in the Middle East and beyond.

On the commercial side, Savi Networks operates an RFID-based network in Colombia that also leverages solar energy to power Savi RFID signposts and readers that track the status and security of containerised cargo shipments managed by Colombia-based logistics and security services provider, Emprevi.

Savi Networks installed solar-powered panels at strategic supply chain checkpoints, including source factories and port facilities, to monitor in-transit goods manufactured in and exported from Colombia.

According to Emprevi’s president, Mauricio Barberan Canas, solar energy powers some of the more remote sections of the company’s RFID network that would otherwise lack a constant, dependable power source.

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