World News: NXP’s TJA1080A transceiver first to comply with FlexRay industry standard

World News:  NXP’s TJA1080A transceiver first to comply with FlexRay industry standard

"The TJA1080A transceiver addresses car manufacturers' need for faster, fault-tolerant communication systems which are flexible and scalable," said Rob Hoeben, FlexRay marketing manager at NXP. He added that compliance with the FlexRay Physical Conformance Test is an important step in the proliferation of the FlexRay standard in the automotive industry, which means faster development times and fewer issues in production later.

With the high-speed FlexRay network communications system, vehicle OEMs can introduce advanced features that are transforming safety and comfort in the car. Aimed primarily at communication systems from 1Mbit/s to 10Mbit/s, the TJA1080A provides an advanced interface between the protocol controller and the physical bus in a FlexRay network.

FlexRay is the first networking standard to enable these features, compared to existing networking standards such as CAN and LIN. It can be configured as an active star or node transceiver. Moreover, the TJA1080A is fully TJA1080-compatible and there are no software adaptations necessary when switching from the TJA1080 to TJA1080A.

Secure communications on the FlexRay network system are assured through active monitoring of system performance using dedicated error and status information, readable by any microcontroller.

The device also monitors internal voltage and temperature and supports the mode control used in NXP's TJA1055 and TJA1041 CAN transceivers. A Bus Guardian interface enables the TJA1080A to be used in systems that require additional supervisions. The transceiver's excellent EMC performance is complemented by high ESD protection. While in active star and node configurations, features such as sleep and standby power modes improve automotive power management.

The TJA1080A will be commercially available in the second quarter of 2008.

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