World News: Njection offers Garmin users traffic camera location data


Njection's Speed Trap web application hybrid mash up combines Microsoft Live Maps with the ability to pinpoint and review speed traps located anywhere in the world. The information shared by its members is placed into a database and can be viewed by anyone.

Drivers can now upload Njection's traffic camera location information to their Garmin systems, which will emit a warning when they are within a user-determined distance from a speed trap or red light camera.

In addition to revealing the location of traffic cameras, Njection has been asked to provide an impact statement for a new law being passed to restrict the amount of revenue generated from speed traps.

In the State of Louisiana, HB" target="_blank">1050 limits the amount of revenue that can be retained by a local authority or local law enforcement. Amounts in excess after an investigation would be forwarded to the state treasurer for placement in the general fund.

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