World News: New partnership between Telematics Update and TERTS reflects how telematics and IT are becoming critical to Europe’

World News:  New partnership between Telematics Update and TERTS reflects how telematics and IT are becoming critical to Europe’

This year, Telematics Update’s Truck & Trailer Telematics conference, which takes place on October 30-31 in Amsterdam, will be co-located with the European Road Transport Show (TERTS).

Telematics Update’s series of commercial vehicle conferences have been leading the way in relevant cutting-edge business intelligence for fleet management [solutions?] providers since 2002. The fact that this high-level business conference is now joining forces with Europe’s biggest transport show clearly demonstrates the direction the industry is taking.

To date, fleet management technology has only been met with enthusiasm by early adopters. However, due to increasing environmental pressures and more demanding end-user requirements, the technology is poised for take off into the mainstream.

The time is right for advanced fleet management solutions to step up to the next level, and everything is coming together from a technological standpoint.

Mobile networks are finally in a position to provide almost complete coverage and online connectivity at relatively low cost. At the same time, Internet applications have been refined, and, while these are powerful, they’re still user-friendly.

There’s more – new map attributes, advanced safety technologies, the promise of increased positioning accuracy through the Galileo system, and an increasing shift towards technology integration across the vehicle, back-office and entire logistics chain.

It all adds up to a truly appealing package for fleet managers, with the promise of many service benefits and cost reductions.

For this reason, the Truck & Trailer Telematics conference is taking place inside The European Road Transport Show this year. Attendees will be able to get their annual “fix” of key telematics business intelligence within the heart of the industry's biggest trade show.

The telematics conference will address key industry topics, including:

  • Where the opportunities lie as the fleet management market evolves
  • How to market and sell telematics to fleet managers by focusing on what matters most – the bottom line
  • How to share, aggregate and mine key information by improving data flows between back-office and telematics device
  • New ways to optimise fleet efficiency and minimise environmental impact
  • Discover the impact of road slope data, and how to integrate it into systems

In addition to the telematics conference, smart solutions, particularly in IT, will receive a great deal of attention on the exhibition floor of TERTS 2007 at the special Telematics Pavilion that will underline the fast-growing influence of information technology in road transportation.

This Pavilion will include everything from simple navigation systems (for trucks and other vehicles) to complex tracking & tracing, route planning and hour registration systems, as well as ultra-modern road pricing systems and more.

The telematics industry is on the verge of transforming logistics into a truly 21st century digital-age business, and the combination of these two market leading events is an opportunity that anyone involved in fleet management cannot afford to miss.

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About Truck & Trailer Telematics:
Back for the 5th successful year, this year’s Telematics Update's Truck & Trailer event will be the biggest and best commercial vehicle telematics conference in Europe. Invited speakers include top executives from Volvo, Scania, PAR Logistics, Eaton, Lysanda, Telenor, Dutch Council of Chiefs of Police, IBM, DAF Trucks, and more

About The European Road Transport Show 2007 (TERTS)
TERTS is the leading international platform for the European commercial vehicle and road haulage industries. The show will be held in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) from October 26 to November 3, 2007.

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