World News: Network-enabled products essential for future growth, says Harbor Research

World News:  Network-enabled products essential for future growth, says Harbor Research

M2M networking for remote device management is now already well advanced across all major industry sectors, according to a new survey of early adopters just published by Harbor Research.

The purpose of Harbor Research’s recent survey of early adopters of device networking, was to determine how important they consider it to be to their future business to network-enable their products.

More than three quarters of the survey respondents viewed the intelligence embedded in their products to be either “very important” or “imperative” for their company in the future. More than half of the respondents were already supporting and monitoring networked products in the field.

While just over a quarter of the companies today have less than 10% of their product lines network-capable, this is expected to drop to below 12% in three years’ time. At the other end, while just over a third of respondents today have more than half of their product portfolio enabled, almost two-thirds of these companies expect to embed networking capabilities into half or more of their products within the next three years.

“Given the typical three-year design cycle, this represents a fast build-up of networked products for these companies and is a very significant finding,” said Robin Duke-Woolley, a principal of Harbor Research. “It indicates that these companies have recognised the need for speed in being early to market with their network-connected offerings.”

The report concludes that those companies who have not yet investigated and planned for the potential of device networking and remote management on their businesses are missing an opportunity to expand their revenue base and profitability. At the same time, they are clearly risking placing their companies at a significant competitive disadvantage in their own markets in the future.

This survey report is now available for free download from

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