World News: Navtrak reveals hidden benefits of GPS vehicle tracking – for drivers

World News:  Navtrak reveals hidden benefits of GPS vehicle tracking – for drivers

Navtrak has published a free article, "7 Hidden Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking – for Drivers," that addresses business owners who are considering GPS vehicle tracking for their fleet but are concerned about losing employees and assume a negative impact on company morale.

The seven driver benefits highlighted in this article are:

  • Improved service/delivery
  • Safety improvements
  • Pain-free re-routing
  • Elimination of time-consuming paperwork
  • Driving performance verification
  • Increased liability protection
  • Incentives for increased driver efficiency

GPS vehicle tracking, widely recognised by industry analysts such the Aberdeen Group as a core best practice for businesses with mobile workforces, is rapidly becoming the standard fleet management tool in the service, delivery and transportation industries.

“With any new technology, there are legitimate concerns and questions,” notes John Lovell, marketing communications manager for Navtrak. “And the fear of losing drivers once a GPS system is implemented is probably the number one concern we hear from decision-makers. But in nearly a decade of experience, Navtrak has found that in the vast majority of cases, businesses that use a GPS vehicle tracking service to manage their fleets don't experience any employee turnover at all – in fact, we're constantly hearing stories of how drivers value this technology, because of the conveniences and time-saving measures it inherently provides.”

One particular Navtrak user says that once his drivers got used to the system, they were happy with it because it saves them paperwork and time, and most of them had nothing to hide anyway.

Lovell concludes that communicating the decision to deploy GPS vehicle tracking systems, and emphasising how it will protect investments and help the business and its people to succeed, can go a long way towards neutralising employee fears.

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