World News: Navigation & Location 2007 to focus on next-gen nav and LBS solutions

World News: Navigation & Location 2007 to focus on next-gen nav and LBS solutions

Next generation navigation is all the rage, and personalised location services that go beyond simple turn-by-turn directions have taken the industry by storm.

Against the backdrop of this booming segment of the telematics industry, key players will unite to discuss future business development strategies at the Navigation & Location 2007 conference, which takes place in San Jose, California, USA on December 4th and 5th.

As consumers become more navigation technology savvy with numerous devices that offer navigation applications, industry pioneers are anxious about how to differentiate both their products and their companies from their competitors.

Dramatically falling device price points, fierce Asian competition and growing convergence on mobile phones have all impacted the traditional navigation market.

But, as growing competition between hardware providers leads to lower prices, more and more innovators are developing increasingly ingenious location based services (LBS) and complete next-generation navigation solutions. Locking in repeat revenues from LBS applications has pushed the navigation industry into a whole new direction.

Heavyweight manufacturers are also noticing these development trends. Clint Steiner, senior manager for Garmin, notes: “The navigation market will continue to expand in North America with new buyers, navigation-enabled phones and more content becoming available.”

State-of-the-art LBS applications are estimated to gross $1.5 billion in 2007 alone, fuelling significant investment from content providers, wireless carriers and device manufacturers to cater for customisable “value added” services for the new markets and the next generation of navigation users.

Gartner’s vice president & lead auto analyst, Thilo Koslowski says that the Navigation industry has tremendous opportunities to capture new markets by creating innovative solutions that expand into the location-based, online information and mobile services segments.

“The success of these new solutions will ultimately determine the future viability of a navigation company and open up new business opportunities for other content and service providers,” states Koslowski.

How to seize these new opportunities and provide sticky consumer-centric services remains a contentious topic. Innovation has fluctuated as the industry looks to provide more dynamic content, including gas prices, parking availability, local weather and traffic information. But there are still a number of development issues.

Consumer demand for truly personalised solutions might outstrip technological advances, especially with the latency of GPS fixes on mobile phone devices and real-time accurate data.

Who will be the biggest stakeholders of next generation solutions? If the market continues to consolidate – as shown recently with TomTom and Nokia’s bids for Tele Atlas and Navteq – what impact will this have on the business development of other players?

Future delivery and development strategies will be discussed at length at Navigation and Location 2007 in December. The biggest names in the navigation and LBS industry, across all major device platforms, will join forces to address pressing issues affecting future development and delivery of navigation and next-generation solutions.

Industry leaders across multiple navigation device markets will speak candidly at this unique event. They include key executives from Garmin, Tele Atlas, TomTom, BMW, Sprint, Gartner, Mio, Motorola, Panasonic, DaimlerChrysler, Dash, Airsage, Accuweather, Jentro and Inrix

The event will address topics such as how to explore exciting new opportunities, resolve old obstacles and produce effective delivery mechanisms to power innovation forward into new navigation and location solutions.

Inrix CEO Bryan Mistele commented: “With the rapid acceleration of innovative technologies and services aimed at the navigation and LBS sector, Inrix is pleased to sponsor an event that brings together the industry's leaders for a timely and thought-provoking exchange of ideas, issues and next-generation solutions.”

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