World News: MODIBEC launched to promote integration of DB and mobile comms

World News:  MODIBEC launched to promote integration of DB and mobile comms

MODIBEC (Co-operation on Digital Broadcasting Convergence with Mobile Communications between Europe and China), a project co-ordinated by ERTICO to promote the Sino-European digital broadcasting co-operation, was launched in Brussels, Belgium last month.

The objectives of the MODIBEC program are to enhance the research co-operation, joint investment and project co-development between China and Europe on digital broadcasting, to bring about the universal standardisation methodology and related supporting policies, and to assist the Chinese government to constitute Chinese industrial standards via the experience of Europe.

During the two-year program, participators will conduct a series of co-operative activities at state level. Chinese and European experts on digital broadcasting and mobile communications will collaborate on a DAB-TMC demonstration in China as a preferential solution for real-time traffic information service at the Beijing Olympics and Shanghai World Expo.

According to the plan, two workshops will be held in Europe and three in China (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong) during the program.

A total of fourteen companies are participating in MODIBEC, representing the edge of the concerned industries in both China and Europe. Participants include China-based digital map and LBS provider – AutoNavi, ERTICO, China Satcom, Siemens, Bosch-Blaupunkt, Motorola, etc.

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