World News: LoJack’s global network enables transatlantic recovery of stolen equipment

World News:  LoJack’s global network enables transatlantic recovery of stolen equipment

The equipment, valued at nearly $90,000, was recovered despite being hidden in containers buried deep in the hold of a cargo ship.

LoJack and its French licensee, Traqueur, worked closely with law enforcement and customs officials to track the stolen equipment as it travelled across Europe through France, Belgium, England and Germany, before being shipped overseas to ports in South Carolina, Florida and Texas.

On Tuesday, January 8th, Traqueur was notified that three pieces of equipment had been stolen from French construction equipment rental company, Kiloutou.

One of the items, a Komatsu loader, was equipped with LoJack. Traqueur activated the system and alerted members of the LoJack Network throughout Europe.

A week later, British Law Enforcement in Tilbury Harbour, Liverpool, England, managed to track the silent LoJack signal to a cargo ship that was arriving from Anvers, Belgium. With the LoJack signal apparently originating from a container bound for Galveston-Houston, officials decided to follow the ship's voyage.

French and US Customs collaborated to monitor the container, re-establishing radio contact with the Komatsu loader at every port of call.

The ship was tracked in Charleston, South Carolina and Miami, Florida before arriving in Houston, Texas, where US Customs unloaded and seized the Komatsu loader, a JCB excavator, and hydraulic hammer, as well as a skid steer stolen from another French company.

According to LoJack president & chief operating officer, Ronald Waters, the company's RF technology has repeatedly proved itself to be the best solution for finding and recovering stolen equipment.

"Because RF technology emits silent signals, it is effective even when the asset is hidden in a steel container in the bowels of a ship," said Waters. "This recovery not only proves the effectiveness of our technology, it also demonstrates the quality working relationship LoJack has with law enforcement officials worldwide."

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