World News: locr and Skyhook Wireless jumpstart geo-tagging partnership

World News:  locr and Skyhook Wireless jumpstart geo-tagging partnership

This partnership will bring location awareness for photos to millions of Wi-Fi handsets and also improve the accuracy and availability of location information for a significant number of existing locr users.

"Geo-tagging, or marking photos with precise location information, is poised to move into the mainstream," said IMS Research analyst Matia Grossi. "Today, camera and cell phone makers are exploring ways to support geo-tagging in their devices."

GPS sometimes has issues with coverage indoors and with accuracy in urban environments and around tall buildings. Combining Skyhook's Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) with GPS optimises location accuracy, coverage, and time-to-fix in the environments where GPS is weakest. In addition, the WPS provides geo-tagging capabilities for devices that support Wi-Fi but do not have other location technology.

locr provides everything necessary to geo-tag digital photos: free software for PC and mobile, free webspace, community and organisation features and now, the first solution for GPS and Wi-Fi photo geo-tagging.

"Integrating WPS into the locr solution will significantly expand the number of handsets that support geo-tagging," said Mike Shean, vice president of business development for Skyhook Wireless. "For existing locr users that have Wi-Fi enabled devices, the upgraded locr application will increase the accuracy and availability of geo-tagging in all of the places where people take pictures."

Both locr and Skyhook Wireless will be speaking at theNavigation & Location Europe event, which takes place in Amsterdam on 4-5 June 2008.

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