World News: Intermap acquires Czech GIS applications developer

World News:  Intermap acquires Czech GIS applications developer

Intermap Technologies has acquired the shares and ongoing operations of MultiMedia Computer (MMC), a Czech Republic software development company.

The acquired business includes current customer base, recurring revenue stream, and a unique software development platform that Intermap has previously used to develop customer applications.

MMC has also successfully used its software and technical staff to develop and deploy flood-mapping applications while securing strong relationships within the European insurance industry.

The MMC acquisition will enable Intermap to evolve its product offerings from pure data sales to solution-based applications for specific markets where strong demand for 3D digital elevation data exists.

Founded in 1992, MMC has successfully developed scalable software-based solutions for GIS applications, geographic data processing, and location-based services.

MMC’s web-enabled platform allows customers to access geospatial solutions by connecting to the platform’s applications via central servers using traditional desktop applications, web browsers and mobile computing devices. The platform provides a high level of security that many competing applications cannot deliver.

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