World News: Google plans to acquire Panoramio

World News:  Google plans to acquire Panoramio

Google has announced its intention to acquire Panoramio, a website that enables digital photographers to geolocate, store and organise their image files and view them in Google Earth and Google Maps.

The acquisition of Panoramio will incorporate that website, its underlying technology, its content, developers, and user community into the Google Geo product mix.

Google says that the Panoramio site will remain operational as Google works toward integrating this user-generated content into Google's mapping technologies. Meanwhile, Google Earth users will continue to see Panoramio as a default layer in Google Earth.

What the deal means to Panoramio users is that the rights to users’ data will transfer, unmodified, from Panoramio to Google on the close of the acquisition.

However, in terms of Panoramio’s conditions of usage, users would be given a chance to opt-out of the transfer of their personal information if the Google-Panoramio deal goes through. Opting out will terminate the user’s agreement with Panoramio, trigger the removal of the user’s photos from the Panoramio database, and prevent the transfer of data rights to Google.

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