World News: Garmin launches series of new products

World News:  Garmin launches series of new products

Garmin’s new products include new widescreen navigators, entry-level GPS devices, and the pairing of Garmin Mobile XT™ with GPS Buddy to provide a complete mobile resource management solution.

Garmin has announced its new nüvi 600, nüvi 650, and nüvi 660FM widescreen navigators, all set to hit the market in April.

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Garmin has also announced that it expects its new family of entry-level GPS devices – the nüvi 200, nüvi 250 and nüvi 270 – to be available in April.

The nüvi 200 includes preloaded detailed mapping of the contiguous US (lower 48), Hawaii and Puerto Rico. The nüvi 250 has preloaded detailed mapping of the entire US (including Alaska and Hawaii), Canada and Puerto Rico. The nüvi 270 includes preloaded detailed maps of the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and more than thirty countries in Europe. All map data is provided by NAVTEQ™, and includes approximately six million POI’s.

Garmin will also offer nüvi 200-series products with regional specific coverage for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and Brazil. The regional coverage for Europe includes the UK / Ireland, Nordics, Belgium / Netherlands / Luxembourg, France, Italy / Greece, Spain / Portugal, and Germany / Switzerland / Austria /Czech Republic.

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Garmin Mobile XT can now be paired with GPS Buddy on virtually any GPS handset or Bluetooth wireless-enabled smartphone – giving a company the capability to monitor its workforce in real-time, and communicate with mobile workers via any applicable smartphone – directly over the handset’s wireless provider.

Initially, this solution will be available on smartphones operating with Microsoft Windows Mobile platforms but will be available on select Symbian and Palm OS handsets later in the year.

Garmin Mobile XT allows the user to look up millions of POIs. The device automatically provides voice-prompted, turn-by-turn directions to a given destination. Depending on service availability in a particular area, users can also access traffic information, fuel prices, weather conditions & forecasts, and other location-based services directly on their mobile phone.

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