World News: Forget PNDs – PNS is where it’s at

World News:  Forget PNDs  –  PNS is where it’s at

A new Telematics Update article probes the question: Can personalised navigation services save the navigation and LBS industry?

With a turbulent year of acquisitions, fierce PND competition and substantial movements from web moguls Google and Yahoo!, 2007 heralds a paradigm shift in personalized service offerings for navigation and LBS providers.

Industry players need to take notice. Demands to provide personalised services for consumers have fuelled the need for companies to realign their navigation offerings and business models. In a recent article, Telematics Update's Abbie Badcock caught up with some industry analysts and navigation providers as they outline what delivery strategies will be best placed to propel navigation to next generation status.

This article addresses prime delivery strategies for personalised navigation services from a series of pre-event interviews for the Navigation & Location 2007 conference in San Jose on the 4th and 5th December 2007.

Gartner vice president & lead auto analyst Thilo Koslowski, along with Nokia, Sprint, Motorola, Inrix and analysts from ABI Research, Soleil Group and Cogenia Partners, outline their visions to seize new market opportunities and ensure future success and market leadership.

Will consumers be willing to pay yet another subscription fee? Can innovators provide enough value to justify monthly or annual rates? Will device costs be supplemented by monthly subscriptions whilst also driving better ARPU? And can targeted advertising campaigns help consumers overcome their subscription fears?

Navigation and LBS players across the industry need to address these issues if they are to play a significant role in the future. The article stresses the need for service-centric navigation solutions and a shift away from devices. Ultimately, it's about providing value to the consumer – how to develop the precise business models and modes of delivery are discussed in greater detail in the full article.

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