World News: Flemish Minister to announce support for green lanes platform

World News:  Flemish Minister to announce support for green lanes platform

H.E. Patricia Ceysens, Flemish Minister for Economy, Enterprise, Science Innovation & Foreign Trade, launches initiative to facilitate shipment transit and security at the Container Tracking & Security Conference 2007 in Dubai.

The minister recently confirmed that the purpose of her visit was to “clearly demonstrate the commitment of the government of Flanders to building and maintaining safe and secure supply chains to facilitate international trade”.

Flanders has a unique position in Europe as a world class hub and gateway for moving and handling goods and information in and out of Europe. Logistics is considered a key sector, offering many opportunities for growth and innovative solutions. In the increasingly global and competitive environment, Ceysens wants Flanders to maintain and even enhance its competitive edge as a leader in logistics solutions.

Today, supply chain control systems affect any business involved in international trade. With the explosive growth of intercontinental container traffic, any disruption in a supply chain causes burdens for the many stakeholders involved, e.g. shippers, ports, service providers and customs authorities. Consequently, the Minister announced that “the entire government of Flanders supports a public/private initiative to build an open and independent integration platform aimed at matching content and security information”. The platform will ultimately enable interaction between all stakeholders in the supply chain through a secured single point of access.

The Flemish government is planning to support the Flanders Institute of Logistics in its selection of the right service providers to design and build this platform facilitator. By setting up pilot green lanes, they aim to be able, in due course, to demonstrate the robustness and viability of this system.

To date, none of the key stakeholders have been ready to exchange the security and content data with each of the others. The idea from the VIL is to build a neutral message broker acting as a superimposed layer above each and every data network already in place by private security and logistic companies.

The VIL project is supported by the customs organisations, and they will be the first key stakeholders to profit from the platform; hence work is being finalised right now to ensure its neutrality through use of legislation and jurisprudence.

Still in question is who will build such a platform, and at this stage the VIL is happy to listen to all service providers and customs authorities interested in collaborating on such a global project.

Prof Alex Van Breedam, managing director of the Flemish Institute for Logistics, will present the project at the Container Tracking & Security conference in Dubai on November 8th. His presentation details can be seen here:

The Dubai Telematics conference is a unique opportunity to show that Secure Trade Lanes are crucial for the Flemish region and that it is in the process of taking the lead in providing a platform that offers a solution for electronic container security and tracking. This initiative fits into the government's Flanders Logistics Program, designed to encourage innovative projects in order to enhance the sector's competitiveness.

H.E. Patricia Ceysens will be speaking at the Container Tracking & Security conference in Dubai on November 8th and 9th alongside key stakeholders in the container security market, including ports, customs, regional government and policy makers, and technology and service providers.

More information on the conference and the agenda can be found here:

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