World News: DARPA announces 36 semi-finalists for Urban Challenge

World News:  DARPA announces 36 semi-finalists for Urban Challenge

Dr Tony Tether, director of the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), has named the 36 teams selected as semi-finalists for the autonomous vehicle competition – the DARPA Urban Challenge.

The semi-finalists will compete in the Urban Challenge National Qualification Event (NQE) in October, and the top twenty teams from the NQE will move on to the Urban Challenge final event in November.

At the NQE and the final event, the vehicles must operate entirely autonomously, without human intervention – merging into moving traffic, navigating through intersections and around traffic circles and avoiding moving obstacles, all whilst obeying California traffic laws.

Dr Tether commented that the depth and quality of this year’s field of competitors is a testimony to how far the technology has advanced since the first Grand Challenge in 2004.

The Urban Challenge is the third in a series of competitions DARPA has held to encourage the development of autonomous robotic ground vehicle technology.

The list of semi-finalist teams selected to participate in the NQE has been published here.

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