World News: CI OmniBridge acquires Siemens VDO Fleet Telematics

World News:  CI OmniBridge acquires Siemens VDO Fleet Telematics

Stellenbosch, South Africa-based Control Instruments (CI) OmniBridge, parent company of Tripmaster Corp, has agreed to take over the global distribution of the Siemens VDO Fleet Manager product range. The products will continue to be branded VDO for the next two years.

CI OmniBridge has also purchased the Datatrak, Fleet Telematics and One Stop Shop business from Siemens VDO Automotive’s UK trading subsidiary.

The transaction is effective on June 1, 2007.

Approximately 80 employees from the UK business will transfer to CI OmniBridge Ltd, the newly formed UK entity that will subsequently become the UK and European HQ for CI OmniBridge. CI OmniBridge will open a branch office in Germany to service its European client base; this office will be staffed by key former Siemens VDO employees.

Control Instruments has exclusively represented Siemens VDO Automotive in sub Saharan Africa for more than sixty years, and, since 1997, CI OmniBridge has been the sole and exclusive developer of the Siemens VDO Fleet Manager range of products and services.

This transaction will increase CI OmniBridge’s global presence and provide the company with direct distribution networks in Europe, the Middle East, Australasia and South America along with their existing networks in the US, sub Saharan Africa and Brazil.

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