World News: BMW, Panasonic and Microsoft to discuss how in-car infotainment industry can reach projected $50bn value by 2012

World News: BMW, Panasonic and Microsoft to discuss how in-car infotainment industry can reach projected $50bn value by 2012

Selected industry leaders, including BMW, Panasonic and Microsoft will be discussing the trends and innovations to come in the in-car infotainment on the last day of CES at the annual Consumer Telematics Seminar in Las Vegas.

With a culture that pushes creation, innovation and a breaking of all design and technological boundaries, the consumer electronics industry continues to deliver thrilling new devices to the delight of digitally greedy consumers. This culture provokes the automakers’ to sit up and take notice of what devices they need to facilitate and provide integration into the vehicle so that consumers can experience all functionalities in their cars.

A clear challenge between the two industries is the differing design lifecycle whereby OEM’s develop their vehicles years in advance, while consumer electronics devices are designed and produced within months.

"The trend towards consumer electronics device integration into the automobile will continue to accelerate. The relationship between these two disparate industries will be strengthened through innovative and collaborative exchanges as exemplified by this conference," says Fran Dance, telematics business development manager at BMW, who will be speaking at the Consumer Telematics Seminar 2008.

As the value and potential of the consumer electronics industry undergoes rapid growth, the automotive entertainment sector faces the challenge of delivering the high level experience to which consumers have become accustomed in all aspects of their digital lifestyle. The biggest challenge is with the range of frequently incompatible technologies for getting infotainment in and out of the vehicle and establishing the sure fire strategy that will satisfy customer expectations.

Telematics Update’s Consumer Telematics Seminar 2008 conference has been created as a platform for visionary companies in the infotainment arena who are keen to meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities ahead for the industry.

With BMW and Panasonic contributing to the discussion on wireless connectivity, and Microsoft, Mercedes Benz and Pioneer thrashing out issues with digital rights management, this focused event is a key appointment for your CES schedule.

See the event agenda, where navigation, rear seat entertainment and data broadcast services are all up for discussion! To learn more about the conference, the topics and the confirmed speakers visit:

Confirmed speakers include senior executives from Garmin, Microsoft, BMW, Mercedes Benz, XM, Delphi and more.

For more information about this event, e-mail Puja Pankhania at [email protected] or phone +44 207 375 7563, or 1 800 814 3459 ext 251 (US toll-free).

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