World News: Bluetooth SIG exec wins Telematics Update Leadership Award

World News:  Bluetooth SIG exec wins Telematics Update Leadership Award

Dr Michael Foley, executive director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), received this year’s Telematics Leadership Award.

The award is given in recognition of achievements and innovation in the telematics market.

The Bluetooth SIG has worked to advance the acceptance of Bluetooth technology in vehicles and plans to continue its leadership in the development of future telematics applications.

Dr Foley and the Bluetooth SIG was one of six finalists for the award, being nominated along with industry leaders like Microsoft, Volvo and Freescale Semiconductor.

“The Bluetooth SIG , which includes a large majority of the auto manufacturers and telematics providers in its 8,000-plus membership, works diligently to provide the highest quality consumer experience in the automotive arena,” said Foley. “Manufacturers and users alike recognise Bluetooth technology is the ideal solution for hands-free and streaming audio in the vehicle. And we will continue to improve the specification and ensure simple, safe and more enjoyable driving experiences.”

Foley led the Bluetooth SIG to aggressively pursue improvements in the development and implementation of Bluetooth technology in the telematics industry. Under his leadership, the Bluetooth SIG ratified a new hands-free profile (HFP 1.5) and introduced new features such as the Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP) to make including Bluetooth wireless technology in cars easier for manufacturers and create a seamless experience for the consumer. He also encouraged the formation of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems Working Group (GNSS) to develop a specification to simplify the transmission of GPS and global navigation positioning data for use in autos.

Foley has also encouraged advancements with Bluetooth technology to allow new scenarios in automotive entertainment and communication, which include streaming music from an MP3 player to the car stereo, and sending movies and other content from a mobile device to a DVD player or other in-car entertainment system. Several manufacturers are installing stereo Bluetooth technology in their vehicles and many companies are developing after market car kits employing the music or A2DP profile, to give consumers a wireless music experience. Recently, the Consumer Electronics Association announced that car stereo sales rose 13% in the first quarter, and Bluetooth enabled car stereo kits represent a significant part of that growth.

With several states considering legislation to prevent drivers from talking on hand-held cell phones, Bluetooth technology provides a solution for drivers who wish to remain connected while complying with these laws.

Bluetooth enabled products are now in the hands of more than one billion consumers worldwide, and the Bluetooth SIG is paving a clear path for continuing its market leading position.

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