World News: Bermuda’s anti-GPS cabbies are grounded

World News:  Bermuda’s anti-GPS cabbies are grounded

Radio Cabs has had its licence suspended for allegedly not complying with Bermuda’s relatively new legal requirement to use a GPS-based tracking system in its 195 taxis.

According to a report in the Bermuda Sun, the company is still using voice dispatch instead of data dispatch.

This is the latest incident in a two-year battle between Bermuda cabbies and the law.

Bermuda cabbies were required by law to install GPS devices in their vehicles by July 2005.

The Act was met with little enthusiasm by the island’s taxi industry.

The refusal of some cabbies to use their GPS systems has led the authorities to suspect that some taxi drivers are playing hooky – i.e. engaging in private transportation while incoming ships disgorge thousands of passengers ashore to be greeted by … one solitary taxi.

More details on the latest episode in the Bermuda cab saga have been published in the Bermuda Sun

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