World News: ATX records banner year for speech-enabled telematics applications

World News:  ATX records banner year for speech-enabled telematics applications

ATX Group recently completed its most active year to date in the development of speech-enabled applications for customised telematics programs involving automobile and PND device manufacturers.

In 2007, ATX’s Voice Technology Lab developed and implemented the following speech-enabled applications:

  • Voice technology was used for the first time as an in-vehicle, relationship marketing tool, with automated voice-delivered invitations sent to select vehicle owners to test drive a new version of the vehicle model they currently owned. Automated messages were also used to tell owners how to change their dashboard clocks from daylight savings to standard time, and remind them to prepare their vehicles for winter.
  • Sales personnel at automobile dealerships now have a valuable on-demand resource to help new vehicle owners activate and understand their telematics systems. A new automated interactive voice application provides simple and consistent steps for subscription activation, as well as a quick and simple way to provide a showroom demonstration of telematics benefits.
  • Parents of infants and toddlers can press a telematics information button to get clear, step-by-step instructions on installing child safety seats in their particular vehicle model. This is part of a completely voice-automated, virtual owner’s manual, which offers interactive in-vehicle assistance. The patented solution is designed so that content can be updated off-board and downloaded to the vehicle remotely.
  • In the event their car alarm is activated, vehicle owners can be immediately notified with an automated message provided via a speech-enabled outbound dialler that listens and provides customised messages.
  • Vehicle owners can download target destinations or POIs obtained through web searches on Google Maps or Yahoo! Maps directly to their in-vehicle navigation system. Owners receive an audio confirmation within the vehicle that the download was successful. Soon, drivers will be able to verbally request target-destination downloads from within their vehicles.

According to vice president of voice technology, Dr Tom Schalk, ATX will soon offer other speech-enabled applications such as voice browsing and turn-by-turn directions.

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