World News: Astrata Group wins $1m vehicle tracking contract in UK

World News:  Astrata Group wins $1m vehicle tracking contract in UK

Astrata Group has been awarded a two-year contract valued at approximately $1 million from the UK’s South West Highways (SWH) for systems to track, manage and control the company's extensive fleet of cars, trucks, sweeping and maintenance vehicles throughout Southwest England.

The units include a driver tagging system that ensures only authorised employees can drive certain vehicles. The system sounds an alarm notifying the command centre if a driver neglects to touch a tag to a plate to identify himself when starting the vehicle.

Astrata has already installed the first thirty units. The complete installation is expected to take two years.

Astrata's GLP20 system, which SWH has chosen, is also suitable for a wider range of tracking and control applications for a multitude of local and long distance transport applications, including corporate vehicle fleets, armoured trucks, and trailers. The system can also be used to track ships and boats with the tracking device installed in waterproof casings.

The unit’s communication module is permanently active, which means it can receive commands at any time and is not dependent on a vehicle's ignition.

The unit’s dual-band SMS/GPRS compatible GSM module and the latest 'high sensitive' GPS receiver enables least-cost routing data transmission.

Connectivity to and from external sensors, such as an engine immobiliser, alarm button, buzzer, etc, is facilitated through the onboard digital and analogue I/O lines. A serial interface enables the transfer of data between the unit and other in-vehicle terminal equipment, such as a trailer ID system or a mobile data terminal.

Astrata has recently announced several major new contracts:

  • In March, Astrata delivered special units for the Singapore police force to use in security for the IMF-World Bank meeting in that country.
  • In addition, Astrata completed installation of more than 700 units in vehicles that carry hazardous materials for the Singapore Civil Defence Corp. The units are part of a system that both tracks the vehicles, and stops them if they stray from their assigned routes.
  • Earlier this month, Astrata announced that it had received an order to manufacture, ship and service $93 million worth of its telematics products over a two-year period.

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