World News: 2Wire puts Rosum’s TV+GPS timing+location technology into femtocell products

World News:  2Wire puts Rosum’s TV+GPS timing+location technology into femtocell products

Rosum's TV+GPS technology provides a reliable and cost effective means of communicating accurate location and timing data with the mobile carrier's macro network, which is critical for femtocell functionality and compliance with E911 regulations.

By using terrestrial television signals, whether analogue, digital, or mobile, Rosum technology is able to provide accurate in-home location information where current GPS solutions are hindered. Given the near-ubiquity of television signals, service providers worldwide will be able to leverage this technology for their femtocell location needs.

A femtocell is a miniature cellular base station specifically designed for self-installable use in the home. It communicates with the mobile carrier's network through the subscriber's own broadband connection, delivering near fixed-line service levels for voice quality, and virtually eliminating disruptions related to poor cellular coverage, such as dropped calls.

According to ABI Research, the installed base of femtocells could reach nearly 70 million by 2012, serving more than 150 million users.

Rosum was founded to solve the problems associated with finding locations in indoor and urban environments. Two years ago, the company's engineers announced that they had created a radio receiver chip that could zero in on the TV signal and get the synchronisation information. Using precision timing, they figured out how far a TV signal travels before it is picked up by a device equipped with Rosum chips, compare the measurements against other data that collected with their own listening stations, and then calculate the device's position – similar to navigational triangulation.

According to 2Wire's executive president of corporate marketing & business development, Ted Fagenson, Rosum's TV+GPS technology is one of the strongest solutions available for providing accurate timing and location, and it also provides the best value among competing technologies.

"Our femtocell products with TV+GPS will give our telco partners around the world a way to provide superior cellular voice and data coverage to their subscribers, while reducing the need for additional infrastructure."

2Wire plans to offer femtocells with integrated TV+GPS technology for operator testing by late-2008, with commercial availability by mid-2009.

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