WirelessCar to offer telematics services in Brazil

WirelessCar to offer telematics services in Brazil

In accordance with Resolution 245/07 of CONTRAN, all vehicle manufacturers will be required to offer vehicle tracking and immobilisation capabilities to their respective customers.

As such, WirelessCar has established operations to fulfill the needs of current and future customers.

WirelessCar will offer end-to-end services that include a call centre, a GPRS telecommunication link and services – including vehicle tracking and immobilisation to meet regulatory requirements, crash notification, roadside assistance and remote services, such as door unlock.

WirelessCar is a branded entity within Volvo IT that serves as the Telematics Service Provider for the Volvo Group, car manufacturers and the insurance industry. Through its parent company and Volvo do Brazil, WirelessCar is able to offer customers the global benefits of reliability and economies of scale partnered with local market knowledge.

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