Williams Showcases 2,200bhp Hyper Performance BEV Platform

Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) is showcasing its ultra-high performance battery electric vehicle platform this month foretelling the future of two-seater BEV hypercars.

The platform, dubbed EVR, will lead an array of electrification innovations on the company’s stand at the E-Tech Europe show in Italy. It has been designed to accelerate the ambitions of hypercar manufacturers, from start-ups to established brands. WAE says the platform will allow brands to launch bespoke high-performance BEVs based on a cutting edge yet cost-effective technology drawing from its extensive vehicle and powertrain engineering experience gleaned from top-flight motorsport including Formula One and Formula E.

It says EVR can support a range of electric hypercar configurations, from track-only vehicles, where power-to-weight is maximized, to roadgoing models, both open-roof Targa and fixed-roof GT architectures. This is made possible by the architecture’s central tub which has been designed from day one to allow for such flexibility, including open roof design, while still featuring the very latest performance technology such as active aerodynamics.

It features a 85kWh battery and claims a shockingly high peak power of 2,212bhp (1,650kW), guaranteeing sub-2.0secs 0-62mph acceleration and a top speed more than 248mph from a vehicle with mass less than 3,960lbs (1,800kg), along with fast-charging capability of under 20 minutes and a range more than 279 miles. All-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive layouts are supported through multiple e-motor configurations.

WAE targeting delivery of a first EVR-based prototype within 12 months from project kick-off to delivery of a first production vehicle in 24 months. The EVR is also ready for a hydrogen future with an EVR-H fuel cell variant also being developed to deliver the equivalent performance of a pure BEV platform.

This is just one of the company’s three EV-focused technologies currently on display at E-Tech Europe in the Bologna Exhibition Centre including its new Scalable Battery Module (SBM) system and will feature the prototype Triumph TE-1 e-motorbike for which it developed an e-powertrain.

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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