Which automaker will win the title of best HMI – and who will make it in time?

Which automaker will win the title of best HMI – and who will make it in time?

In recent years several OEMs have satisfied consumer need for constant connectivity through the development of successful Human-Machine-Interfaces (HMIs). Some have even led to the differentiation of their brands’.  For example, in a Telematics Update survey ranking the top user-interfaces, the Audi A8 MMI, Ford SYNC and BMW iDrive came out as the top picks.

Although the demand for an in-car UI may be immediate, further research from Telematics Update, can reveal that it takes 3-4 years for new technology to make its way into car and 12 years for entire fleets to be outfitted. Therefore it is crucial that automakers and Tier 1 suppliers do not delay in developing their strategies for a successful HMI.

Ruthana Foulkes, one of Telematics Update’s lead researcher and project managers, has said that “It is clear that telematics, and importantly, HMI, is key to keeping the car relevant to the next-generation of automotive customers. However, much research is needed to make sure we get it right. Apple has set the bar high in the consumer electronics space. Now is the time for someone to take the lead in the automotive space.”

Aiming to shed some light on recent innovations, Telematics Update has recently launched a 180 page HMI Report 2012 Edition. Telematics Update’s HMI Report has been collated to enable automakers to attract customers in time for 2016’s connected vehicle water-shed – with a clear focus on brand differentiation.

Topics include:

  • HMI market forecasts until 2016 to help you plan for product developments and expansion
  • Case studies with Audi, Lexus, Ford and other key automakers reveal how to take HMI strategies from design to implementation and the lessons learned
  • How the drive for safety could bring about new legislation and what you can do to adapt and thrive in this changing environment.
  • Interviews from CES 2012 to reveal how to consumer electronics space is really impacting automotive HMIs

The executive summary can be downloaded for free via the website and it provides a full contents and list of figures. It can be found here: http://www.telematicsupdate.com/human-machine-interface-report/

To substantiate the findings in this in-depth report, Telematics Update has included case studies from thought-leaders in the HMI space. These include: Apple, Cell Control, BMW, Ford, Audi, Lexus, Chrysler, OnStar and Volvo.

The full report is now available to purchase via the website and a $500 discount is available until Friday 28th September: https://secure.telematicsupdate.com/human-machine-interface-report/purchase.php








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