What’s Effecting Change on US Transportation Public Policy?

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GlobalAutoIndustry.com’s latest audio interview https://globalautoindustry.com/whats-effecting-change-on-u-s-transportation-public-policy/  features Regina Hopper.  Regina is Chief Strategy Officer for The NEXT Education. Career spans work in the fields of transportation, telecommunications, energy, media, communications and law. Leader in national and state advocacy initiatives.

In the 24-minute audio interview, Ms. Hopper discusses these questions:

  • You talk about how the merging of industry verticals have fundamentally changed transportation. Can you elaborate on what that means for the future of transportation?
  • This episode asks the question What is Effecting Change on U.S. Transportation Public Policy. What has COVID taught us about that change?
  • As we look forward in the technological advancements for transportation, what do you see as the federal role for public policy advancements?

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