What’s on the horizon for Fleet Telematics?

What’s on the horizon for Fleet Telematics?

In Brazil, Contran 245, which employs GPS tracking and remote immobilization to stem vehicle theft, seems finally ready for implementation. In Russia, the ERA-GLONASS system is intended to make Russian roads safer. Either of these plans would deliver a boost to tracking solutions and fleet management systems. But until the systems are actually rolled out, growth in the commercial vehicle telematics space will likely be driven by a combination of other factors, including falling hardware prices, smaller fleets adopting management systems, and new business opportunities in emerging markets.

Randy Frank, Author of Telematics Update Fleet & Asset Management Report comments: “Technology costs have come down based on the consumer volumes. This and many other factors indicate that the time for greater implementation of fleet management as well as combined benefit with asset management is at hand.” It is clear that commercial telematics is at tipping point but more knowledge on Govt. legislation, roll-out plans and factors behind this growth is necessary in order to re-align business models for profit.

To help telematics service providers capitalize on this potential growth in the fleet and asset management space, Telematics Update interviewed key players to understand what most concerns fleet operators.’ These included: FedEx, UPS and MacDonald’s.

Topics in the report include:

  • How OEMs are embracing next-gen tracking tech. to safe guard businesses for future development
  • Statistics on market penetration growth rates (including emerging markets and units in service) to identify areas for growth
  • Insight into govt. legislation to solve fleet managers’ regulatory concerns with bespoke telematics solutions
  • Cases studies from Zurich, Travellers Inland and LoJack SCI to explain how telematics companies and insurers can form partnerships with fleets

Each chapter identifies the fleet operators data needs to help them differentiate their products offerings and help fleets instigate operational changes that will increase their ROI.

This report was collated from direct converations and interviews with fleet and other key players in the value chain to ensure it drills into the issues at the core of the fleet telematics industry. Experts from McDonalds, UPS, FedEX, John Deere, NXP, FleetMatics amongst others gave Telematics Update a first hand insight into their challenges, solutions and stratgeies.

The complimentatry brochure includes the methodology, full contents and list of figures and research highlights. It available to download via the website: http://www.telematicsupdate.com/fleet-report/index.php



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