WebTech Wireless launches the WT7000 series locator with advanced functionality

WebTech Wireless launches the WT7000 series locator with advanced functionality

The WT7000 Locator includes features, such as greater memory and data processing capabilities, applicable to a wide variety of fleet applications, however, the addition of an accelerometer is a feature aimed squarely at the automotive and vehicle insurance market, where location and telematics data used for vehicle usage modelling has the potential to revolutionize that industry

The key differentiators of the WT7000 from previous models and competitors' offerings include:

  • Accelerometer (3-axis) for driver behaviour modelling, accident alerts and recording, and unauthorized movement detection.
  • Dedicated microprocessor and extended memory for increased data flow and enhanced trip recorder, geofence and Driver ID functions.
  • Embedded Bluetooth® allowing dial-up networking and hands-free voice communications for increased productivity and safety.
  • High sensitivity GPS Engine for increased location accuracy.
  • CAN-bus controller supporting J1979 and J1939, plus Diagnostic Trouble Code collection.
  • Personal Navigation Device connectivity for turn-by-turn navigation and two-way messaging.

The enhanced data processing capabilities of the WT7000 and Bluetooth® functionality give all fleet operators a highly flexible, expandable platform and enhanced integration with other mobile devices. For auto insurance companies, the embedded accelerometer provides the potential to base premiums on driver behaviour and usage patterns, which permits highly accurate premiums and claims modelling according to actual risk. Consumers benefit from potentially lower premiums and claims costs as well as the technology's ability to encourage better, safer driving. An additional benefit is the ability for drivers and companies to monitor and lower their CO2 and contaminant emissions.

Ian Povey, WebTech Wireless' Director of Product Marketing, commented, "This latest addition to our Locator series is another step in the evolution of a highly successful product platform, which demonstrates that WebTech Wireless remains at the forefront of the industry with innovative technology that even has the potential to change the business models of our customers."

"One of the most exciting features of the WT7000 is the embedded accelerometer, which opens the door to a wide range of automotive applications, the full implications of which are only just being realized," said Edward Kulperger, WebTech Wireless' Sr. Director of Personal Automotive & OEM, adding, "Insurance companies are recognizing that our technology is leading the market, and we're conducting pilots with a number of major auto insurers to develop and apply this technology even further."

WebTech Wireless are participating at Telematics Update's flagship show Telematics Detroit 2009

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