WebTech Wireless launches personal locator


The WT Personal Locator enables vehicle fleet managers to track individual operators, not just vehicles, providing an ideal solution for companies that need to track the location and activity of workers who operate multiple vehicles.

The application currently works with the BlackBerry® 8800 and 8310 model smartphones, interfacing with WebTech's web-based, QuadrantTM system, to provide real-time tracking in addition to extensive reporting capabilities.

Key features

  • Location reporting
  • Travel start/stop reporting
  • Excess speed reporting
  • Travel distance
  • Landmark email alerts (entrances and exits)
  • Turn-by-turn driving instructions with Google Maps®


  • Reduced costs through shortened travel distances and times, improved vehicle utilisation and fewer employee overtime hours
  • Low-cost, easily implemented solution, often leveraging existing resources
  • Ideal for employees using vehicles for business and personal use
  • Increased safety and security through fluid information transfer with employees in the field
  • Integrates seamlessly with Quadrant

This newest product complements WebTech Wireless' extensive product line, providing yet another solution for a wide variety of industries that depend on efficient and effective mobile resource management of equipment and people

WebTech Wireless' Edward Kulperger (director, personal automotive & OEM) will conduct a workshop – How the telematics value chain can further monetize telematics and LBS solutions by supporting "green driving initiatives" – at Telematics Detroit 2008 next week. WebTech is also an exhibitor at the event.

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