The Cost of Distracted Driving and What Can Be Done to Address the Problem

Date 4th April 2019
12 p.m ET / 9 a.m PST
Duration 1 Hour
Sponsor Arity
Featured Speakers Stephen Bell - TU Automotive Resident Analyst, Katie DeGraaf, Director for Product - Arity, Kyle Schmitt, Lead Data Scientist, Telematics Manager - Arity


Distracted drivers injure more than 1000 Americans every day. The industry is increasingly aware of the epidemic but lack adequate tools to combat it.

This webinar will share the latest findings on the impact phone use has on driving risk and how nudging drivers’ self-awareness can be utilized to improve engagement and safety—and your bottom line. This session will also cover how to accurately assess driving behavior, including distracted driving, to paint a picture of what the true risk of a driver on the road presents.


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