The Automotive Industry in the Connected World

Date 12th November 2019
11:00 AM ET
Duration 1 hour
Sponsor Ericsson, Sprint
Featured Speakers Stephen Bell, Resident Analyst- TU-Automotive, Akther Javid, Director IOT strategy and partner management- Sprint, Pankaj Gupta, Director Business Development, IOT- Ericsson


The automotive industry is undergoing transformation at an unprecedented scale. What role will connectivity and 5G play in shaping this industry?

In this webinar, we will first look at key trends in connectivity that the automotive industry faces. We will then discuss what combination of approaches will help as a catalyst for a new wave of monetization innovation by driving incremental value throughout the chain.

Topics addressed in this webinar include:

  • Lessons learned about connectivity from the industry
  • The rise of the connected car
  • Building a sustainable 5G strategy for the automotive industry
  • Global connectivity

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