The 4 Pillars Needed to Drive Your Connected Car Success


Analysts predict that the number of connected cars on the road will exceed 220 million by 2020. If you want to be a part of this growth, you need to first understand the four critical enablers of the most successful global connected car programs:

  • Connectivity – Learn what role connectivity management plays in enabling your program to scale.
  • Visibility – Discover how real-time visibility can prevent against millions of dollars in unexpected overages.
  • Security – See how continuously adapting security can mitigate the risks of an evolving threat landscape.
  • Monetizability – Learn the role traffic segmentation plays in enabling entirely new monetization possibilities.

In this webinar, Steve Bell, Senior Analyst at Heavy Reading, and Pranav Dharwadkar, Principal Product Manager, Connected Car at Cisco Jasper will discuss these four key pillars and what they mean for your business. Join us as we review examples of how each is impacting existing connected car programs, and the lessons you can learn to accelerate your connected car success today.

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