Secure Shared Mobility Solutions – eSIM Provides the Trust Anchor

Date 16th June 2020
11:00 AM EDT
Duration 1 hour
Sponsor G+D
Featured Speakers Stephen Bell, Principal Analyst - TU-Automotive Michael Heß, Director Product Management Automotive - G+D, Ralf Schedel, Director Domain Automotive - G+D

Secure Shared Mobility Solutions – eSIM Provides the Trust Anchor

Security and privacy are at the heart of trust, and this will be critical as the shared mobility industry expands. Since the early days of mobile communication, the SIM has provided secure and trusted authentication between devices and the backend. It has also enabled user friendly services like roaming for mobile device, as well multiple services around security and trust for IoT applications. Now the embedded SIM (eSIM) has become a well-established part of all new vehicles enabling eCall and telematic services. These services have tended to be more focused on the car itself and increasingly infotainment.

In this webinar you will gain insights on a recent survey on shared mobility security in 2020 from the TU-Automotive team. G+D will share why eSIM technology is the trust anchor for a secure communication experience for owners and drives of vehicles and how it offers robust business models for new mobility:

  • Understand the benefits of the new Dual-SIM Dual-Active (DSDA) approach which allows owners / driver to use their own data plan in the vehicle.
  • Leverage the advantages and opportunities of splitting consumer focused security and payment services from car OEM use of the M2M-eSIM.
  • Build services around the ability of SIM / eSIM management platforms to allow a seamless and easy handover between the drivers SIM and the consumer eSIM inside the car.
  • Enable eUICC based high security in automotive and smart mobility, using the digital car key (DCK) to establish end-to-end security between a mobile device and a car, scooter or bike.

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  1. Avatar Greg McGarvie 3rd June 2020 @ 4:14 pm

    Integration with ecosystem in vehicle IOT, 4G 5G

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