Rethinking the Three “Rs” of LiDAR: Rate, Resolution and Range

Date 3rd October 2019
11:00 AM ET
Duration 1 hour
Sponsor AEye, Inc.
Featured Speakers Stephen Bell, Residential Analyst- TU-Automotive, Aravind Ratnam, VP of Product Management- AEye, Inc.


The automotive industry must adopt a more holistic approach when it comes to assessing LiDAR systems, looking at metrics as they relate to a perception system in general, rather than as an individual point sensor.

In this webinar, we examine why conventional metrics for LiDAR data collection no longer adequately measure the effectiveness of sensors to solve real-world problems facing autonomous driving.

Key topics include:

  • An introduction to three of the most common LiDAR evaluation metrics and their shortcomings
  • An overview of the “Search, Acquire, and Act” framework
  • Why object revisit rate is a more critical metric than frame rate
  • Why it is more important to quantify instantaneous resolution than resolution
  • Why object classification range is a better measurement than detection range

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