Inside Out: Reassessing Automotive Safety from Every Angle

Reassessing Automotive Safety from Every Angle
Date 13th April 2021
09.00 EST | 14:00 BST |15:00 CET
Sponsor Vayyar


Moderated by Andrew Miller

Former President and Chairman of the Board at Euro NCAP

Join Vayyar for a thought-provoking roundtable discussion with industry leaders from BMW, VW Group and other top OEMs.

The panel will explore how perceptions of automotive safety have changed over the past decade, unpack the trends driving its evolution, and reveal how OEMs are putting driver and passenger protection at the heart of vehicle development.

They’ll discuss the biggest challenges automakers and suppliers face in complying with rising safety standards, focusing on in-cabin sensing and autonomy.

The conversations will also shed light on how the vehicle sensor ecosystem is evolving, how this impacts vehicle design, and why the industry’s legacy approach to safety may no longer be sustainable. Our panelists will explore the intricacies of different software architectures, along with the solutions for handling large amounts of data required in image processing and machine learning engines.

You’ll learn how a streamlined, platform-driven approach to safety is helping to reverse the rising complexity and costs automakers are facing in and out of the cabin.

Join us April 13th at 2PM GMT.

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  1. Avatar Kerry Colleen Friedman-LeClair 12th April 2021 @ 8:56 pm

    Why won’t the automobile manufacturing industry leverage all the currently deployed bio-metric sensors to identify and mitigate environmental threats i.e., hypothermia killing vulnerable humans and family pets? I designed and submitted a workable solution to the USPTO in 2008 after a tragic experience involving my two English Setters. Since then, there have been way too many more unnecessary deaths that were PREVENTABLE.

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