Personalized driving coach: changing driver behavior with ML technology

Date 3rd December 2020
16:00 PM CET | 10:00 AM EST
Duration 1 hour
Sponsor Star and CloudMade


While OEMs put a lot of investment and effort into developing autonomous driving, ADAS, and various driver assistance technologies, driving remains a stressful activity for many, and human errors are accountable for most car accidents today. And it is not only the novice drivers who could use assistance; People stressed after a long working day, those who occasionally drive corporate vehicles and reckless drivers also need help, and the list continues. Having the right driving style isn’t just about safety. It can be paramount for getting insurance discounts, reducing your carbon footprint, prolonging battery range on EVs and avoiding anxiety.

Join Star and CloudMade, the global leaders in automotive product design and engineering, as we discuss the building blocks for the Personalized Driving Coach – the digital product that helps people become better drivers and takes over the very complicated task of modifying user behavior.

In this session, we will:

  • Share our experience from building personalized driving partner software
  • Describe the design and engineering complexities behind building a digital driving coach
  • Talk about what it takes to design a product that will appeal to users
  • Discuss data processing and ML learning aspects
  • Explore the infrastructure required to launch the product to market


  • Oleg Lebedyn, Head of Solution Architecture, Automotive & Mobility, Star
  • Manuel Gattinger, Head of Design, Germany, Star
  • Dr. Pavel Negadailov, Head of Data Science, CloudMade
  • James Brown, CTO, CloudMade

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