Improving Autonomous Shuttle Safety with 3D LiDAR Cocoon Technology

Date 18th September 2019
2 p.m ET / 11 a.m PST
Duration 1 Hour
Sponsor LeddarTech
Featured Speakers Stephen Bell, Resident Analyst - Tu-Automotive, Vincent Racine Product Line Manager - LeddarTech


Across the globe, high-density urban areas have been struggling with providing convenient, reliable and environmentally friendly public transportation to keep pace with rapid urbanization. Hybrid or electric autonomous shuttles are the ideal solution to address environmental concerns since they do not produce emissions and contribute to reducing traffic congestion experienced in high-density city centers while also dramatically improving passenger and public safety. 3D flash cocoon LiDAR technology provides manufacturers with a path forward while increasing the operational design domain for an AD vehicle, thus effectively addressing urban concerns.

This webinar will provide attendees with greater insights into:

  • Flash solid-state LiDAR technology
  • How this technology empowers autonomous shuttle manufacturers, service providers and their corresponding users
  • The role of 3D flash LiDAR in today’s urban autonomous vehicle perception systems and the contribution to the vehicle’s architecture

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