Eliminating Assembly Errors in High-Mix, Low-Volume (HMLV) Manufacturing

Date 7th December 2021
11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
Duration 1 hour

Highly-customized product offerings give customers a chance to order product that meets their exact needs and specifications – think of an OTR trucker spec’ing out his dream rig, for example. But all those customer options are more than just choices – they’re also opportunities for costly assembly errors on the line.

Preventing this problem is a challenge for manufacturers when BoMs, engineering drawings, requirements, and other important assembly information for an article are stored in the ERP, PLM, and various other systems, often with little or no collation connecting the documents together in meaningful ways. Using Deep Learning AI and machine vision to read and understand these documents and to monitor proper article assembly,

Spyglass Assembly Verification makes it easier to understand assembly instructions upfront and to validate proper assembly at each station on the line before the article moves on. Interesting? Sign up for this webinar to find out more about what Spyglass Assembly Verification is and how it might help your HMLV lines attain more throughput with less assembly errors.


  • Why HMLV manufacturers struggle with proper assembly
  • How Spyglass Assembly Verification eliminates those struggles
  • Benefits of Spyglass Assembly Verification

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Peter Darragh, EVP Product Engineering, Mariner
Peter defines and executes the product roadmap for Mariner. Peter has a long history of designing and implementing IT solutions across many industries, including years of experience in data warehousing and analytics, IIoT, and Machine Learning for manufacturers.