Cyber Defense for the Service-Oriented Vehicle

Date 20th February 2019
11 a.m ET / 4 p.m GMT
Duration 1 Hour
Sponsor GuardKnox
Featured Speakers Stephen Bell - TU Automotive Resident Analyst, Dionis Teshler - Co-Founder & CTO - GuardKnox


The future of connected and autonomous vehicles is experiencing a paradigm shift as users demand more customization and interaction with their vehicle. The automotive industry is moving towards a service-oriented vehicle, where the passengers and their needs are the focal point, rather than the vehicle itself. This webinar will show the future of services and how their application within next-generation vehicles will lead the automotive industry paradigm shift.

 Participants will learn:

  • what the future of the service-oriented-vehicle will look like
  • the nature of next-generation electrical/electronic flexible hardware/software architecture and how this will be utilized to implement vehicular customization
  • what the future of the automotive in-vehicle app store will look like
  • how service-oriented architecture is creating new markets and additional revenue streams across the automotive value chain
  • how cybersecurity solutions are the foundation for personalization added connectivity and levels of services

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