Black Swans and Next Horizons for Automakers

Date 5th November 2020
11:00am EDT
Duration 1 hour
Sponsor NetApp
Featured Speakers Stephen Bell, Principal Analyst - TU-Automotive, Mrinal Devadas, Director Technical Solutions for the Automotive Team - NetApp

The pandemic of 2020 has created unprecedented challenges for the automotive industry and presents a unique opportunity to radically rethink business and operating models. Although the automotive industry has embraced aspects of digital transformation, fundamental operations of the industry have not significantly changed. The current situation provides leaders within the automotive industry an occasion to prove that digital transformation is possible.

Attend this webinar to gain the following insights:

  • Why a holistic connectivity, compute and data strategy is foundational to both digital transformation and the digital life of the vehicle.
  • Why agility, efficiency, and speed are paramount in handling the masses of test data from EV and AV development programs
  • How a data fabric strategy can ensure access to the right data, at the right time, in the right place across the entire design, development, manufacturing delivery, and service operations.

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