Addressing Electronics Reliability in Safety-Critical Automotive Systems

Date 24th June 2021
11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Duration 1 Hour

With increasing demands being placed on modern automotive electronic systems (including standard automotive electronics modules as well as electrified and ADAS/AV systems), it is imperative that engineers meet a wide range of electrical, thermal, mechanical, and combined performance metrics while mitigating the likelihood of encountering key failure modes (such as solder joint fatigue due to thermal cycling) as a part of the design process.

During this webinar, we will discuss how Ansys solutions for electrical, thermal, and mechanical reliability help engineers improve product performance and reliability, as well as reduce the number of physical tests that are needed during the product development process.

Within the context of safety-critical automotive applications, we will cover:

  • Design challenges and critical failure modes that need to be considered when designing electronic systems, including compliance with commonly referenced standards.
  • How Ansys HFSS, SIwave, and other tools can help improve Signal and Power Integrity.
  • How Ansys Icepak can be used to improve thermal integrity and allow users to evaluate efficient cooling strategies.
  • How Ansys Mechanical and LS-DYNA address thermal-mechanical behavior (such as warpage and thermal stresses and strains), as well as the effects of shock, vibration and drop effects and manufacturing considerations.
  • How looking at electronics reliability from a holistic, multiphysics standpoint can provide you with a more complete understanding of the expected performance of an electronics system.
  • How Ansys Sherlock can be used to predict the life/reliability of PCBs subjected to thermal cycling, shock, vibration, and other effects, as well as rapidly build high-fidelity models that can be used in combination with Ansys Mechanical, LS-DYNA, and Icepak.

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Kelly Morgan, Principal Engineer, Ansys, Inc.
Kelly Morgan is a Principal Engineer at Ansys, Inc. and is based in San Jose, CA. In addition to his duties as an Application Engineer, he is also the Product Manager for Ansys Sherlock/Electronics Reliability Initiative. He received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. He has worked in both the Aerospace and Nuclear Power industries and has spent the last 7 years at Ansys supporting a wide range of customers, focusing mostly on electronics reliability applications.


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