VW’s New Tech to Light Up Roads

VW’s New Tech to Light Up Roads

Volkswagen is developing new headlights it claims will “improve road safety” by broadcasting information about a car’s future movements “directly onto the road”.

The automaker says the new systems its designers and engineers are developing will feature “interactive” lighting functions. Among these functions will be “micro-pixel HD headlights with up to 30,000 light points” that VW says can project vehicle activity data to other road users. The vehicle on which these systems are being trialed is the new Touareg, and they are being developed in a specially created “centre of lighting excellence” at the R&D division of VW’s plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.

VW says the systems also feature ‘Optical Lane Assist’, a program that can give the driver information about roadworks and disruptively wide vehicles on the road ahead. Another new function of them is the ‘matrix tail light clusters’, which the automaker claims can allow the driver to broadcast information about hazardous and/or congested situations on the road ahead to vehicles behind them. The ‘Optical Park Assist’ program will purportedly warn pedestrians and other vehicles about the path the vehicle is going to take when parking.





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