VW’s BEV Pitch For Chinese Sales

Volkswagen pledges to have BEVs make up half its total Chinese sales by 2035 as it looks to make major inroads into the world’s biggest automotive industry.

It plans to offer 14 electrified models in the Chinese market by 2028, producing 11.6 million BEVs, more than half of the Group’s total of 22M vehicle expected salesNaturally in line with the country’s communist agenda, the strategy involves joint ventures with Chinese manufacturers FAW, JAC and SAIC, will contribute to this goal.

A large proportion of these cars will use the MEB platform that Volkswagen is currently developing for BEVs. Two plants, the SAIC-Volkswagen plant in Anting and the FAW-Volkswagen plant in Foshan will start producing MEB-platformed vehicles, putting production capacity at 600,000 from those two plants alone. In addition, JAC and SEAt will produce smaller BEVs not based on the MEB platform.

Around 400,000 electrified models will be delivered to Chinese customers next year by Volkswagen Group China, meeting regulatory requirements of fleet consumption target of five liters in 2020 and requirements of the credit system for the share of BEVs in total production.

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