VW Readies for Car-share EV Fleet Launch

Volkswagen is readying its car-sharing platform by ramping up the number of EV chargers in supermarket car parks in Berlin.

The carmaker’s WeShare program will launch in the city within the next month before being rolling out to other German cities. A total of 1,500 e-Golfs will be joined by 500 e-Ups in 2020 and, later in the year, an unspecified number of I.D 3s.

VW has pledged to installing an extra 140 chargers in Lidl and Kaulfland supermarkets in the German capital, with the WeShare fleet of cars having exclusive use of the chargers between 11pm and 6:30am, while other EV owners will be able to use the installations out of these hours.

There will be 60 charging points, capable of charging two cars at a time, installed in Lidl car parks across Berlin, while Kaufland will get 10 across its branches.

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