Volvo to Launch Its First BEV

Volvo has announced the introduction of its first full BEV into its XC40 compact SUV model range next month.

While Volvo is the first manufacturer to have electrified its entire range, in the form of PHEVs, it currently has no fully electric vehicle in its lineup. The company has not detailed powertrain or battery specifics but says the car will be one of the safest the company has ever built with the entire front of the car being redesigned to deal with the absence of an engine. As is common on electric vehicles, the battery is situated on the floor of the car, lowering the center of gravity and providing better handling response.

Naturally it will feature ADAS capabilities developed jointly by Volvo and Zenuity, using radars, cameras and sensors. The Swedish automaker says more details will be released over the next month.

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