Volvo launches On Call in Russia and Austria


Volvo Cars is the first automotive manufacturer to offer safety related services such as emergency call and breakdown call in Russia. Additionally, On Call services include stolen vehicle tracking and remote door unlock.

WirelessCar continues its dominance in the European market by providing the Volvo On Call service to thirteen European countries: Germany, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, the UK, Sweden, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, and now Russia and Austria.

The service is also supported in Denmark and Portugal, although it is not sold as an option.

The Volvo On Call service has the broadest geographical coverage of any telematics service offered in Europe.

"Providing pan-European coverage of the On Call service is important to Volvo Cars and is indicated by its roll-out strategy, a strategy that continues," States Joost van den Bosch, extended offer manager at Volvo Cars.

If you press the On Call button, the Volvo operator will know your exact location (thanks to the integrated GPS). If you press the SOS button, you'll get straight through to the emergency services. If an accident triggers the seatbelt pre-tensioners or airbag, Volvo On Call automatically informs the operator, and if they can't contact you, they will dispatch emergency services to your exact location.

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